My New Year Resolution

4 Jan

My New Year resolution

With a new year beginning I would like to make an affirmation of my New Year resolution.

I’m extremely happy where I’m at in life and it’s just a lovely reminder that a divine plan is in motion for every single one of us. No need to worry, God (the force) sustains us and every problem already has a solution. Nothing is forever; everything is only temporary. Good and bad moments will all pass. The only thing that exists forever is love. Love never dies.

This year I would like to discover more about my inner self. Right before I left for the holiday’s I signed up for Bikram yoga. In Bikram yoga, meditation starts on the outside of the body by pushing to its extreme. Bikram Choudhury explains, “You use the body as a medium to bring the mind back to the brain. Perfect married between body and mind. Then, you can knock the door to the spirit.” I fell in love with myself, years ago, as I was soul searching; really love myself from the core with every imperfection. This year I would like to take it to another level and rediscover my true self. My goal is to be a better person for myself and for those around me. I can only change the world by changing myself as I remind myself who I am. This world is beautiful. We are beautiful.

I respect, love, and honor every single one of you.


My birthday December 29

31 Dec

My birthday December 29

Thankful to have another great year behind me and another amazing year ahead xoxo

I’m visiting Houston, TX for the holidays. My sister Adriana and I planned my birthday events the night before. We decide a low key birthday with family and close friends. We spent the night before having sister time. We reminisced, laughed, and fell asleep together watching TV in her room. Woke up the next day to beautiful text messages and birthday wishes. Adriana baked me a carrot cake and my dad (step-dad) made me spaghetti. My younger brother, Fidel, still half asleep ate my cake before she was able to put the cream cheese frosting on it haha Adri made me another cake. We ended up at Tobins bar, a local spot, watched the UFC fight where close fiends joined us. I had another cake haha three cakes all together. I had the best time! I enjoy the simple things in life…